Below are some theories as to why cats eat grass:-


It is a good idea to replant fragro Cat Grass into a heavier container, when used inside the home.  

The lightweight plastic plant pot may otherwise fall over when the pet tries to eat it.


I mention this, because we had an incident:

My daughter had a cute little hamster called Nibbles.  We gave Nibbles a treat - a pot of Cat Grass!  He was so excited and was running around and around the pot, not quite sure what to do with it!  We thought he would love the Grass, as we had given him grass as a treat many times.  We went off and left Nibbles to play.  When we came back, we couldn't believe what we were seeing!  He had pulled all the grass, and soil out of the pot, and had made a huge nest out of the contents!  There was soil and bits of grass spread all through his cage, and he had even manged to kick soil outside of his cage and onto the floor.  And where was Nibbles?  We couldn't see him...  then we saw something move; Nibbles was hidden and asleep, in a cosy bed, made from the root ball!!  :) 

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